Di tori be say, one woman wey dey 25-years and dey answer Sandy Gaillard don fake kidnapping wey don cause wahala as e make plenty people dey search for her everywhere but no know say na only for her to dey with her baby boy.

Di court also don give Sandy Gsilard for Southern town wey dey Nende, wey be activist for Far-Right National Front Party, to pay 5,000 euro fine ($5,800),and ask for people to help am to organise her head well.

Gaillard, run comot from her husband house wey dey Rieutort-de-Randon wen she wan dey live her boyfriend wey her baby boy.

Di tori carry am say, wetin make people dey think say kidnappers kidnap dis babe be say, she send messages to her boyfriend and tell am say, people wey carry black car don kidnap am put for black car boot, wey make di boyfriend go tell police people.

Dis thing come make plenty people come dey search for am, and army people wey dey 50,come use dia helicopter dey search anyhow for di place before di woman come appear again.

She come talk something wey make Army people and Police people dey look am with angle 90°,as she talk say, di people don accept to free am to go .

Gaillard talk say her new baby boy no get hand for subterfuge wey mean say, di guy no dey use wuruwuru dey get something. .AFP


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