People don dey cry as death Don visit  Umuocha Ohuba-Ubomiri people wey dey for Mbaitoli Local Government Area for Imo State as one  palm wine tapper wey him name be Njoku,die on top palm tree on Thursday.

One villager,wey be  Iheanyi Enwerem, tell  Southern City News say, di person wey die comot him  house early dis morning make him go do him daily palm wine tapping business.

 Di  villager, wey dis thing wey happen shock,  talk say di time Njoku live house e no dey as if him nogo come back again alive.
Him add for him talk say,

“When him no return on time, him family members start dey make enquiries about  where him dey .Dem establish  case for missing person for dia village; and start dey search for am ,” Enwerem talk am .

Based on wetin di source talk, na di time dem dey search for him be di time dem see am as him dey on top Palm time.

Enwerem talk say dis guy no get any wound for body.

After everything, we no reach di  Police Public Relations Officer, Andrew Enwerem for phone to receive him comment, but another person for police Don confirm.


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