One man wey push a lady for chest, as she dey pass, don enter prison.

D person wey be, Edmund Lua Kian Yong, 30yrs, wey no get work again, don enter nine months prison, after him push woman, wey dey 42 years for chest, as him wan pass, on December, 10,2016.

D court don hear sey, d woman, kom notice sey, a guy dey come for her direction, as she wan enter lift for Khoo Puat Hospital, as him kom push d lady for chest, as dem wan pass each other, with him arm.

Lua enter “lift” before her, as she kom enter, lua, Lua use him arm push d lady, and walk comot for d “Lift”, and d lady, kom report d mata to d Hospital Security, and Police.

Lua’s lawyer, Ms, Ariel Lim, Hulmin, wey be a Criminal Legal Aid Scheme person, for d mata, yan sey, wen her client, dey grow up, him no get any social relation life, as him, been dey receive beating from people.

“Lua dey rely for him mother, for emotional support, as dem dey close together “. 

” Wen him mother get cancer, for 2012,him kom get, issue for him head, wey get worse, wen she die, after two years “. 

” My client get problem everytime, as him no dey cope with d death of him mother. Him no hit d woman to insult am sexually”. 

D community Judge, Eddy Tham, kom tell Lua sey, everyone get problem for dem world, as him own no dey different, but sey, him dey take things seriously, as e no dey good.

Judge kom sey, if no be sey, him get dis problems, him for receive cain, dey two years for prison, and other punishments.


SOURCE : Dailly Sun.


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