One member for Indigenous People Of Biafra, don die for Ekwulobia, Aguta Local Government Area, Anambra state as IPOB clash with police and soldiers.


Wetin cause d wahala be sey, oga for IPOB don plan sey, him go kom d area kom tell d people make dem no do any election for d state.

Nnamdi Kanu and him people, don yan sey, nothing go make election dey for Anambra state, if naija government no agree do referendum wey go make Biafra people go dey for dem own country.

Dis kom make police, Army, and other naija security people kom gather for d place with dem trucks, block everywhere, as IPOB members d sing Biafra songs, and d parade around.

“Naija security men kom dey sieze Biafran shirts, caps, and many Biafran materials from Biafran people wey dey sell dem and burn dem. Dis kom make IPOB members vex, and kom attack d police, as e kom make policemen to shoot dem as one person die.”

“But d real tori be sey, IPOB no attack any police”

But d tori wey Anambra Police Public Relations Officer, Nkiruka Nwode kom give be sey, no person die for d matta.

She kom yan sey “Nothing like death hapun there.  D police wey dey there, na policemen wey go make dem protect people wey d live there, make bad boys no attack dem”

” Police kom receive report sey IPOB people don block road wey dey central school, Ekwulobia in Aguata Local Government Area. “

” Police wey join other naija security, kom go there, make dem help clear d road, make people dey go dem businesses.”


“As e dey now, people dey waka, dey go dem businesses as no wahala dey again “. 


IPOB Media and publicity Secretary, Emma Powerful kom tok sey, d attack on IPOB be terrorism wey naija government dey do.

As dem tori carry am, ” IPOB wan tell d world and people of Biafra wey get good conscience, sey, naija government don dey use Inspector General of Police and him tugs dey kill Biafran people again for Anambra state, as dem call am, (Holy War)”. 

“We dey hold DPO for Ekwulobia police station for d IPOB person wey dem kill”. 



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