One woman wey be housewife, Fatima Muazu, don carry her husband go Minna Sharia Court, make dem scatter dia marriage wey she get with Hassan Danshalele based on say, dis guy dey punch am like him boxing bag.

Fatima aalso tell court say, no be only beating oo, dis man no dey give me money for house again to cook food wey we go chop as Oga for our house.

She talk am say,

“My husband no dey give me food again to chop, and him dey beat me everytime as if to dey beat person be him hobby.

“Di kind suffering wey I dey get for him hand don dey too much, as e go dey betta make I go my papa house.

“I no fit endure am again, as I dey beg court ssy, make dem help me scatter di marriage, based on say, I no want am again.

Danshalele, deny di things wey him wife talk say, him dey try to dey provide food for dia house and never for once tell am say him nogo give money.

Hmmm!  Dis man come add for di matta, tell court say, him still love di wife and nogo like make court divide dem.

Person wey be di judge , Ahmed Bima, come tell dis husband and wife say, make dem allow peace and love to enter dia mind as marriage be something wey need patience and understanding.

Di judge come move di mmatta to November 13,for statements wey him wan give to solve di wahala.

Di judge tell dis man say,

“I go give your chance to go house go win your wife love again, and we dey wait for your report wey you go give us wey concern una settlement.




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