One girl, wey dey 27, Sabah Khan, don kill her sister wey dey 34 years, Saima for dia house wey dey for Luton, England.

Di house be where her sister dey live with dia parents, and her four pikins.  Di matta be say, na  £360,000 wey di girl use go market with her sister husband cause everything , and di girl come attack her sister and use knife cut her throat.

Based on wetin Daily Mail UK talk, di attack hapun for night wen other family members go burial and e remain di girl and di sister for house.

Read dis one too : Na IPOB members full prisons and we no know wetin we go do-

Police think say, na thieves kill di woman, but after eight days police see knife wey dey inside waste bin for Sabbah room.

Hmmm! Dis one fit hapun for Nigeria? Na only based on say she wan dey do KEREWA with di her. Sister husband make am zero her mind kill him sister.


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