D sokoto State Zakkat, and Endowment Commission, don give N10.3 million to District Heads, make dem use am buy cows for people wey no get papa and mama again, for Eld-el-Kabir, wey go come next week.

Malham Lawai Maidoki, wey be dem Chairman, don yan sey, e dey good, as dem government don remember d sufferings wey orphans dey suffer.

Maidoki yan sey, d wahala wey dem dey face now, be sey, Naija no get money again to do d beta things wey dem don plan, and get for mind since,  wey go make people dey live beta life.

Maidoki don yan sey, dem don give d money to traditional rulers, as e be d only way dem government go reach d people wey dem wan give d money.

Him yan sey;°

“Government go soon Construct, Zakkat office for Naija, for dem District in 23 local government areas.  We dey beg d District heads, make dem support d planting of trees, sey go make Sokoto environment dey good”. 

“D person wey represent d Sultan Sa’ad Abubakar III, Alhaji Kabiru Usman, Sarkin Yakin Binji, wey kom start d share money, and thank d Governor, Aminu Tambuwal, for him effort to make him people no suffer “. 

Him kom yan sey,  make District Heads share d money very well, as e go make life of him people wey no get money, dey good.


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