Yemi Osinbajo wey be acting President on Wednesday as him come back from Yankee don come clear all the yeye tory wey the big big people for PDP wey be (People’s Democratic Party) talk say President Muhammadu BUHARI dey on life-support.

When him follow dem news people yan before the Federal Executive Council meeting (FEC) for Abuja wey dey always happen every week, Prof. Osinbajo tell dem say him go Yankee to go see as President Buhari body be since him don dey dia since May 7.

Him still yan dem say “sure sure”, dem bin dey rapor for phone and him just reason say e no go too bad if him go see am for dia so dat him go use hin eye see am as to get better and correct info to give our country people.

Prof. Osinbajo talk say him and President Buhari bin gist well on several things wey dey happen. Say him dey very fine. Him talk say their meeting last for over one hour and say make we expect an back very soon.

Buhari wey be 74 years old don spend 66days for Yankee since him go back UK on May 7, for medical check up. Him bin don go Yankee before for January go dey there for 49days before him come back Naija.

The travel wey Acting President Osinbajo travel to bin be just few days after the President wife sef travel. Aisha Buhari as she go visit her husband reply Sen. Shebi Sani post for Facebook wey him dey take style style dey yab President Buhari and the things wey dey happen for cabinet.

Plenty tory and talk talk go still show for this matter because all the talk wey Osinbajo don talk so, him never still answer the plenty questions wey dey ground unto the exact way Buhari dey, how much dey don spend for him sicki sicki body and the exact date wey him go come back Obodo Naija.


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