One pastor’s wife, Mrs. Uzoamaka Ibeneme, on Friday lose her 21-year-old marriage when Igando Customary Court wey dey Lagos, scatter dia Marriage based on adultery, na wetin  News Agency of Nigeria report.

President of di court wey be,  Mr. Akin Akinniyi, wey give di judgment, yan say di man wey write di petition, Pastor Joshua Ibeneme, no talk anything even when di court and him family members chook mouth for di mata.

Him talk say, “Since di petitioner dey ask for divorce after we don beg am tire, di court no know any other thing dem go do, if not to do wetin him want”, and dem dissolve di marriage.

“Di court dey yan say, di marriage way dey between Pastor Joshua Ibeneme and Mrs. Uzoamaka Ibeneme don dissolve today.

“From today, two of una no fit be husband and wife, and everybody go go him own way or her own way separately without wahala.”

“Di court dey wish una  well for una future works.”

“Any wahala or gbege wey hapun between both of una, from now , go be criminal and any person wey do anything against di order go get punishment for contempt of court and Di person go enter prison and fine nogo dey.”

Di tori carry am say, dis 53-year pastor, meet court and tell dem say, him no wan carry him wife again, based on say she give her waist sharp sharp to church members.

Him talk say, “My wife do sex with two of my church members, one person be deacon and one person be bishop. Dem tell my members say dem sleep with my wife based on say she seduce dem.”

“Anytime I come back house, my lastborn go tell me say, plenty men dey come house come carry my wife, na God bin dey tell me make I divorce am or she go scatter my ministry.”

“My wife no give me sex for five years; anytime I wan sleep with her, she go give one excuse or  other excuse and even before now, she bin don already pack out from my room to another room.”

“But she dey give am to my members freely.”


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