De Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) Wey Oga Senator Ali Modu Sherrif dey lead talk say him go respect anything wey the Supreme court decide on the gbege wey dey for dem party over who be the original chairman whenever dem decide to rule for the matter.

Oga Sherriff, Wey talk through him deputy , Cairo Ojougbor, yesterday talk say the group of former ministers for the party wey visit Oga Senator Ahmed Markarfi last Monday where dem come declare say dem support am as their National Caretaker Committee Chairman, Say the group dey illegal.

Oga Sheriff come take say the PDP dem be party wey dey obey law, say dem been hear wetin High Court for Lagos and Abuja been talk say make dem no hold convention.

Him come talk say the PDP wey dey now, no be where anybody go drag say na only him get the party.

“The PDP wey we dey build again no be PDP wey one man go say na him get de party, God wey bring Sheriff no dey make mistake , Sheriff na person wey represent new things from all those people wey be Anti Party Democrats for Nigeria. Without the presence of Oga Sheriff   I dey sure say John Oga Oyegun for no bi Chairman for APC, Even the APC don learn say dem suppose respect the party, say the party dey very big

As God dey, Sheriff go obey wetin Supreme Court go talk, we no say we go always dey obey wetin dey law, and we dey encourage the Supreme Court say make dem no follow all this plenty talk from people wey normally dem no fit waka for street”

Ojougboh talk say the law wey the party dey follow no sabi any group wey dem call Forum of PDP former ministers (People wey don work with Oga President before)

The former ministers been talk with Journalist on Monday after dem comot for meeting wey na only dem been dey,  talk say dem support de National Caretaker Committee(NCC) wey Oga Markarfi dey lead, Come Challenge Oga President Muhammad Buhari say make him contest the 2019 election , dem also pass assurance say dem believe Oga Ahmed Markarfi Led Committee .

As Oga Ojougbor hear say dem pass assurance (vote of confidence) on Makarfi Led Committee , Him talk say, de law wey the party dey follow dey very clear, and every organs of the party dey specified , from the Oga dem for Ward committee  to the national convention for the party, for this list, nothing dey like Forum of former ministers.

We disagree to wetin dis group of persons wey met yesterday (Monday wey pass) wey dem call themselves , Forum of former ministers.

We dey talk say , under normal condition, for some countries, these na people wey no suppose show dem self for public , we dey talk say e dey bad say persons for this level , some of them be lawyers, go carry impunity to the highest level as dem declare say dem support Oga Makarfi since  dem no say we dey wait for wetin Supreme Court go talk , dem wan influence the opinion of the supreme court.






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