Philippines’ labour department on Friday don give out order to ban d wearing of high heeled school. Dem don warn private companies say make dia female employees no dey wear high-heeled shoes go work again.

D labour group wey comot dis one talk say d order now go make d Philippines d first country for Asia to ban wearing of high heels for workplace.

Alan Tanjusay, wey be d spokesman for d Associated Labor Unions-Trade Union Congress of the Philippines (ALU-TUCP), come talk say;

“We hope say d entire Asia region go copy dis law come apply am for dia counties too as na for d benefit of workers.

Him still yan say;

“With dis regulation, millions of workers go come dey free from d bondage of dangerous working condition.

Labour Secretary, Silvestre Bello come talk say d guidelines go start fully next month and dem notice dis one unto d study wey task force creat with ALU-TUCP’s proposal.

“We notice as sales ladies, like example, dem dey very tired after dey don stand with heels since morning” “You go notice dem no dey comfortable and dem dey feel better pain.

Bello talk say d department never receive any bad reply unto d order wey dem pass so.

For d department guidelines, companies no fit say make women dey wear shoes with heels again as part of dia dress code for work.


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