Person wey dey play football for Italy, don receive 5-year ban based on say, im urinate for football pitch towards him dia opposition people fans. But him club don talk say, dem go allow am beg for dia decision On Thursday.

Giovanni Liberti, be 21-year-old midfielder wey plays for Serie D side FC Turris, don deny say, im no do am, for di game dem do on Sunday.

Di tori carry am say, dis guy urinate give dia opponents Sarnese for pitch, and dem give am five years ban for football.

People talk say, Liberti urinate give him opponents for where dem dey, and talk nonsense talks give dem, wen dem end ball.

But for thing wey dia club Presido post on Twitter, Im talk say, wetin dem do im guy dey bad well well for di decision.

“Our player no do wetin people dey talk say im do,” na wetin Colantonio talk for im statemen for dia club wey dey  Torre del Greco, south for Naples.

Him talk say, na Liberti don explain say, him bin dey drink water from fountain before him enter pitch and him put him jessy cloth inside him boxers.

“Di serious thing be say, di assistant referee don support di disqualification as him testify say,

“Di people wey visit us wey be opponents, tell us ssy, our player no do am at all.


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