Indian police don arrest one man wey him socks dey smell and dey cause commotion for bus and people start dey complain, na wetin one officer talk on Saturday.

Di tori be say, dis man comot him shoe for bus, as him dey go Himalayan state wey dey Himachal Pradesh to New Delhi and carry dem put near aisle, na wetin police talk.

Other passengers come dey ask di man say, make him Throway di socks out so dat dem go relax but him refuse.

But dis man come vex, and wan fight di passengers, di driver come kukuma drive him car enter police station wey dey Una district for Himachal Pradesh.

Una police chief Sanjeev Gandhi tell AFP say di bus stop many times before dem enter police station.

“We arrest am based on say him cause public nuisance and we release am on bail,” Gandhi talk am .

Gandhi talk say dis man wey dem accuse don give other passengers threat and even for police station .

After dis one, di man come file case for police station on top driver and passengers head, say dem harass am inside bus even wen him socks no smell.

After one day for di station, him enter another bus comot.



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