THAILAND: Thailand Police, don arrest Naija guy,Chijioke James Chukwuweike, wey steal, and shoot Russian woman, for Thailand, as him break her house wey dey Muang District, on 30th August.

Pol Maj, Gen. Theera Thipchaoren, don yan for news, sey, Chijioke James, wey dey 27years, don enter Sanko, wey dey Tambon Rawai,  Muang District, around 10pm,on Thursday.

Police don see 92 materials, for him house, wey dem dey suspect sey, na things, wey him steal. Him wife – Sasipa Nakhonthalsong, wey dey 33years,dey also face charge, wey concern stealing.

Police yan sey, him wife, don sell Computer Notebook, wey dem seize, before dem enter d house.

Mr, Chukwuweike, dey face charges, wey concern, stealing, and attempt to murder person, as him shoot d Russian woman, Elena Kharenko, and she no die.

D tori be sey, Chukwuweike, break d woman house, Ms, Elena Kharenko, wey dey 55years, and enter, by 2:30am,wen people dey sleep, and him no wan sleep, and no wan dey work, but na stealing stealing, wey him dey do, as him luck run comot, dem catch am on August, 30.

D lady, Ms, Elena Khankoren,yan sey, she wake up for sleep, kom dey see person, wey enter her house, and d guy kom immediately shoot am gun, run comot with em portfolio, wey carry beta beta things.



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