Ogun State Police Command, don arrest 43 years old man, wey  rape three pikins, wey dey 9 years,and 12years.

D man wey rape d three pikins, don tok sey, him name be Ini Udoh, wey dey live for d same compound, d pikins parents dey live.

D tori don gather am sey, d man use koni koni way, carry dem enter him room, wen dem mama  no dey compound, as him always claim, him dey send dem to do something for am.

D police, yan sey, d mata kom open, wen one of dem mama wan wash pant her daughter, and she kom see something wey dey  like sperm for her daughter pant.

Na dis sperm kom make dem look into d mata well, wey make dem know sey, d man rape dem daughters.

D person wey be Public Relations Officer, for d police Command, Abimola, Oyeyemi, yan sey, d man wey rape d pikins, dey live for d same Compound with d pikins’ parents, as him use koni way, carry dem enter house, wen dem mama no dey house.

D police man, yan sey, d mata kom open, wen one of dem mama, wan wash her daughter pant, kom see something, wey resembles sperm for her pant.

“Na dis make us know wetin d man don dey use our daughters, dey do, wen we no dey house, as i kom see sperm for my daughter pant”

D police man kom yan sey, d three pikins don go General Hospital, dey receive drugs.

Him kom add sey, Commissioner for police wey dey there, Ahmed Iliyau, don order dem,to carry d mata go Anti-Human Trafficking and Child Labour Unit, wey dey for State Criminal Investigation, and Intelligence Department, make dem look into d mata wella, and punish d man very sell.


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