Police don arrest pastor wey dey sell ticket to heaven

Police for Zimbabwe don arrest pastor, Tito WATS, wey dey sell ticket person go fit use go heaven.

Di pastor yan say, no be him just wake up one day and decide say him go start dey sell heaven ticket, but na God meet am, tell am wetin him dey do,as e go help Christians and sinners to enter heaven with salvation.

Him talk say, him dey receive prosecution for di work of God him dey do.

“Na God wey tell me say ,make I dey sell heaven ticket to people, as e go help dem get salvation and go heaven. Na wetin make God give me di inspiration to use pure gold to do di ticket ”

“Anything wey police dey talk no concern me, di mata be say, dem dey persecute me for di work of christ”

As e dey now, di church people don dey protest now, dey ask police to release dia pastor, based on say, na dia money dem dey use buy salvation and no be government Monet


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