Police wey dey Egypt, don arrest doctors ,nurses, and dem agents wey dey sell human organs.

D tori carry d mata sey, people wey dey up to 100 persons, for Egypt, dey sell dem organs, make dem dey able to eat food and settle d money wey dem owe, as United Nations yan am.

Dis people kom agree with one person wey wan sell him organ;as dem dey do d surgery, so dat dem go transfer to another person , police kom meat dem, and arrest dem.

D person wey dey among d person wey dem arrest, be three doctors, four nurses, three persons wey be agent for hospital dem dey doam.

D man wey dem dey operate, don already sell him Organ, $10,000 (£8000),as dem wan get him organ give another patient.

World Health Organisation, for 2010, don rate Egypt, as d highest people wey dey sell human parts.


Egypt parliament don pass law, wey dey against people to d sell dem organs, except husband and wife..

In 2012,United Nations, Refugees Agency, Chief Antonio Guterres, yan sey, Egypt dey kill people wey go Egypt sinai ppeninsula for dem organs.

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