Ondo State Police Command, don Catch Armed Robbers, wey go steal for D Lord’s Chosen Church, wen dem dey do dem Crusade, for Ondo State.

After d two days, wey d Lord Chosen do dem Crusade, for Ondo State, Armed Men, kom enta go d Church, surround d Church, as three people enta inside, make dem get d money, wey d Church, dey use dey do Programme, there.

Mr, Stephen Duru, wey report d tori, yan sey, d Armed Robbers, kom enta Church, to steal church Money, Plenty of dem dey outside, as three persons, kom enta d Church, with guns. As dem enta, Chosen Pastor. Kom tell him members, make dem shout”We be Chosen People! ” As dem shout am, dey Armed Robbers, kom dey confused for d Church, and kom run.

As dem dey run, one person kom fall enta gutter, and d Church members, kom catch am, give Police people, wey dey police command, for a Ondo State..

D members, for d Church, kom yan sey, na d prayer, wey dem pray, make God, put fire for dem body, and make dem dey confuse.























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