Naija dancehall star, Damini Ogulu a.k.a. ‘Burna Boy’ on Friday don submit himself give Lagos State Police Command so dat him go explain him own side of d story over d allegations wey dem make say him dey involved with d robbery attack on him fellow artiste, Mr. 2kay.

So now, dey don arrest am, ask am questions kon detain am join and on Monday, dem go charge am go court with four members of d gang wey dem arrest before.

Commissioner of Police, Mr. Imohimi Edgal, after d interrogation, yan say d State Police Command no get chill for any kind crime and dem go do everything to make sure say anyone dey commit crime for d state face d wrath of d law, as dem must punish am.

Imohimi yan say;

“We no go pity anybody or treat dem differently. Dis command dey trained to make sure say people wey dey live for every state dey safe and dem go fit carry on with dia businesses without any fear. So anybody wey dey involved for dis case go face d law to clear dia or dem face punishment. 

Una remember say we bin don report as d pop musician bin dey wanted by Lagos Police Command as dem yan say him get hand for d robbery attack on anoda popular musician, Mr. 2kay wey happen for Eko Hotel and Suites early last month, and dey report d matter go d Command headquarters for Ikeja around 5pm.

Tunmise Omotore, wey be d gang leader of d suspected robbers, bin don confess as dem take pretend to be room service kon rob Mr. 2kay for Eko Hotel and Suites on d instruction of Burba Boy Road Manager, Joel Kantiock.



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