Police don arrest di Akwa Ibom guy, Augustus Akpan wey give Atiku Abubabakar Kidnapping threat.

IGP Response Team wey DCP Abba Kyari, dey lead arrest am for toll-gate  wey dey Lagos-Ibadan express way, Lagos State.

Dem arrest am as him wan runcomot from Nigeria make dem no arrest am.

Akpan tell police say him give Atiku threat badded on say, di plan to collect money from Atiku bin no work him use dis way.

Him accept say na wetin him do.

Akpan tell Atiku Abubabakar say, make him withdraw from presidential election or him go kidnap am, him wife and pikin dem.

E no stop there, him come talk say, him go rape di wife and female pikin Dem.

Dis guy wey dey 43Years be Edemaya village person for, Ikot Abasi LGA, Akwa Ibom State.

Police collect One Samsung (Galaxy S6 Edge +) Mobile Phone and di SIM Card him use send di threat messages.

Di message talk am say:

“Turaki Atiku, we dey watch you and your family, and we dey ask you right make you no contest for any Presidency.

“We go kill You, rape your wife and daughters.”

“Dat your ambitious and black daughter Maryam wey dey work for CBN and comot, based on say we go mess her up.”

“We go molest, rape, change her leg for her and kill her. ”

“Your daughter Fatimah wey bin be former Commissioner of Health for Adamawa State, we get plenty information about her.”

“We get pictures of her naked body, we go mess your overly prostitute wife Jennifer up.We get plenty info about here. ”

“Allow Buhari make him run against your PDP members. We sabi say you be bInfant pass di candidates wey dey PDP.”

“Based on dat, we wan make you step-down or we go blow up your plane, poison your family.”

“If you play with wetin we tell you go see wetin we go do for your korokoro eyes”.

“We sabi where your pikin dem dey travel dey go. ”

We dey see your daughter wey dey support her papa wella(Maryam) for No:5, Buzi close and No: 5, Lake Maracaibo close”.

•Text Message to Wife of Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar GCON

“Jennifer. Tell your husband to step down. We go blow up him plane and kill all of you For una family.”

“We go  rape you and all una daughters and go also kill all of una. No play with us. ”

“We sabi your 🏢office for 13 Danube Street Maitama. We go blow up di place and rape all your step daughters.”

“Tell your husband to step down now and forget about presidency election ”

•Text Message to Daughter of Former Vice President, Atiku Abubakar GCON, Rukaiya Atiku

“Tell your papa to step down. Make him forget Presidency.”

“If him refuse, we go blow up him plane di Gulf Stream from di sky and also rape you and kill of una wey be him daughters.”

“No amount of Police or protection go stop us. We sabi where una dey live. ”

“We sabi number 5 Buzi close and number 5, Lake Maracaibo close. Try us and blood go spread.”

Akpan dey speak English, Ibibio, Russian and Portuguese languages well well.

Him steal di SIM card wey him use send di message from one woman wey sabi am as police arrest am.

Him confess say, true true, him don collect plenty money from big people wey him tell say him be FBI and CID officer.


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