Special Anti Robbery Squard for IMO state Police Command don kill two Armed Robbers for Imo State.

Dis thing happen by 2am for Ezi -Ogbaku wey dey Mbaitoli Local Government Area for di state.

Person wey give di tori for police station talk say, di Oga for SARS, wey be Victor Godfrey, gather him men come go di place dis guys bin dey Steal and dem shoot two Armed Robbers.

After dem kill dis Armed Robbers, di person wey dey speak for Imo State police command, Andrew Enwerem, and him be Superintendent for Police people, talk say, three people for di five Armed Robbers carry gun wound runaway.

Dis man talk say, dis Armed Robbers wey bin dey rob people from house to house shot one police man wey receive call for di matta wey hapun as him run go di place .

Di man wey dey speak for Police people talk say, na di time dem dey exchange bullet be di time dem kill two persons for di Robbers. .

Enwerem talk say,

“For early Wednesday di Federal Anti Robbery Squard come receive call say, Armed Robbers dey Ezi-Ogbaku wey dey Mbaitoli Local Government Area for di State dey Steal.

“Di SARS people come exchange bullet with demand two persons die and three carry bullet wound runaway.

Enwerem talk say, dem still dey look for di names of di Armed Robbers and wey be di police commissioner don give order say, make dem catch di three people wey runaway.

Police collect one double barrel, two local cartridges and five life bullet from dis Robbers.


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