On top di police IG video wey spread everywhere for internet, as him no fit read, one ogbonge doctor, Dr. Joe Abah Don talk for him twitter handle say, make pipo stop dey laugh police IG based on say e fit be say him dey suffer Dyslexia.

Him yan am say; “If dis video dey real and  genuine, I wan give advice sat, efit be say  IG dey suffer dyslexia. If na true, e nobe laughing matter, and no be something wey we go dey shame am and dey disgrace am for public.”

” Plenty pikins dey dyslexic. Make we make sure say, nobody beat dem or dey shame dem. Dem fit be IG of Police too.”

Oga police IG, talk dis “transmission, transmitter, transmission for Kano, where him go inaugurate new Force Intelligence Unit.

Wetin be dyslexia?

Dyslexia na brain condition way dey make person no know how to read, write, and speak. E fit do anybody.

Wetin dey cause dyslexia? 

Na based on how person brain dey process language fast, and also, person fit inherit am from him or her parent. Pikins or person wey get dyslexia dey always dey smart to work, but no fit read, write, spell, and speak.


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