Poverty Don dey eat Nigeria like cancer wound , even though di country dey recover from recession. Na di International Monetary Fund (IMF) talk am for one report wey tori people wey be Reuters carry dia eye see on Wednesday.

IMF talk say government need to carry out some kind  change and say dem dey expect dia government to make small progress for  di main time, but say any progress wey dem make fit scatter if elections next year chop plenty political energy and money.

Since di country been dey struggle to  comot from recession for 2017, government officials don dey boast say dem don put di economy back on track.

But di people wey no agree with dem say di recovery na from oil after di price rise for global market and crude production increase – wey happen based on say,  militants for di Niger Delta stop dia attacks on oil facilities and no be based on  economic policy under President Muhammadu Buhari government.

IMF talk for di report say things dey improve but say some kind challenge still dey.

On Tuesday, President Buhari been attend di National Executive Council meeting for  di ruling All Progressives Congress where him talk say Nigeria economy dey improve and say him party don stabilise things.

IMF no gree talk ontop dis matter as Reuters use see am, but say dem go release statement on Friday 2 March.


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