Pres. Trump don start dey fight ICC, and dem go start aggressive posture against ICC wey dey Hague.

President Donald Trump talk say, him go destroy ICC and go help am die on dia own.

Di mata be say, ICC wan investigate Americans ontop war crimes dem do for Afghanistan.

For di mata, U.S tell International Criminal Court (ICC) say, dem go sanction dem.

Donald Trump’s national security adviser, John Bolton, go announce am for midday speech to Federalist Society say:

“United States go use any means wey dey necessary to protect our citizens”

“we go protect our allies from unjust prosecution by dis illegitimate court,”

Him go tell dem say, di State Depayment don close Palestine Liberation Organization office.

Na based on say Palestinian dey push make ICC to investigate Israel.

“Di United States go dey stand with our friend and ally, Israel,” na wetin Bolton text talk.

Him talk say, Trump administration  “go fight back”.

True talk be say, U. S go fight back if International Criminal Court open investigation ontop di war crimes.

Na U.S. service members and intelligence professionals commit War crime for Afghanistan.

But if ICC try am, Trump government go ban dia judges and prosecutors.

U. S go make sure say, dem nogo enter United States again.

Trump government go sanction dia money wey dem get for U.S. financial system.

And again, United States go prosecute dem for American court system.

“We no fit cooperate with ICC. We no fit give any assistance to ICC.”

“We decide say, We nogo join ICC. ”

“We go help ICC to die on dia own. After all, ICC don die since.”

United States no follow sign di Rome treaty wey create International Criminal Court in 2002.

Dem bin create am wen President George W. Bush challenge di court.

But, wen President Barack Obama enter, him start dey cooperate with di organization.


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