Prisoners wey comot from prison dis week go break stores and steal wetin dem go eat and sell also, don come back to prison yard


Mississippi news, don report am say, di prisoners wey be, Levontaye Ellington, Travis Baker, Maurice Robertson, Jacquiez Williams, be di people wey camera for di shop dem break in, record, as dem dey steal for di Holmes- Humphrey County Conventional Facilities, Hexington, on Tuesday.


Dem comot prison go steal cigarettes, lighters, phones, and things, wey dem fit sell for prison yard.


According to wetin New York times talk, instead dem go extend and make use di freedom dem don get, dem waka come back again to prison yard, and police people come dey surprise, how dem take comot from prison, and dem no know.


Tori don carry am say, Police don charge dem again for commercial burglary.


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