Lennox Lewis don comot kon para sey d time wey dem take stop Anthony Joshua and Takam match bin dey too early.

Joshua retain imm WBA IBO ND IBF world heavyweight title for imm match against Takam wey imm win for d 10th round wey dem hold for Cardiff on Saturday.

When dem ask Lewis for Twitter how hin take see d way d referee take stop d match for d 10th round, him talk sey dah time dey too early and sey e for make sense for sey hin jes allow dem allow dia match play out.

Takam bin still get strength and him bin still dey fit to tackle AJ wey bin don already get broken nose.

Joshua wey be 28years bin break hin nose for second round when Takam bin do mistake nod am.

Lewis follow talk sey dis experience go epp am wella even sey imm no be perform well. Him say dis kind fight and adversity wey joshua just need. Hin sey imm bin no bin dey at en best but sey na so en dey be sometimes but U jes gats find way. Hin still say if na some people dey go jes fall down after dem don break dia nose but Joshua bin still get immsef.



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