D Reformed Presbyterian Church for Naija , wey be d Eastern Presbyterian Synod, wey comot for “The Presbyterian Church of Naija, 2011, don d install dem moderate general today.

D tori kom reach us, from Ms,. Millian Inya-Ibiam Facebook page, as she yan sey;

” Dis be installation of Moderate General of Reformed Presbyterian Church of Nigeria, with pictures wey make an dey real”. 

D Reformed Presbyterian Church for Naija, be d church, wey comot from d Presbyterian Church, wey dem dey before, based on sey, dem wan d run pentecostal worship, and sey, too much politics don enta d church election and selection for who go be d oga kpatakpata for “The Presbyterian Church of Naija before, as dem no wan make d person wey suppose be oga from eastern Naija d oga.

Na dis Shikini (small) wahala kom make dem sey, we go go.

D person wey be dem mouthpiece for 2011 struggle, Reverend, Eze Nwonu Eze, kom present, paper to people wey d gather tori,kom yan sey, dem no wan stay for “The Presbyterian Church of Naija” again..

Him tok sey, dem don already establish dem own church, webi “Reformed Presbyterian Church for Naija”, wey dem d install dem new moderate general today. 


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