Person, wey bin be d Reverend Father and Catholic Church, Rev, Fr, Patrick Edet, wey get, Grace Family Outreach, go soon marry him baby wife.

D tori be sey, Rev, Edet, wey dtop Catholic priesthood, go acceot, pentecostal priesthood, wan resign from celibacy, as him wan marry now.

D person, wey dey close to am, don yan sey, Rev, Edet, don enter for serious relationship with one beautiful lady, wey dey visit am, everytime.

D person, wey dey live with Patrick Edet, yan sey, one lady, dey visit am, everytime for him place, and him yan again sey, him go get married soon, but no know wen e go be.

“Wetin i go sey, be sey, my brother, go soon marry, but sry, we no know, wen e go be”

Wen Rev, Edet, drop Catholic Priesthood, plenty people, kom yan sey, na based on sey, him wan go marry him love, and people, wey dey analyse matta, accept d tori.

D matta be sey, Rev, Edet, yan sey, wetin make am, comot Catholic, be sey, him wan enter heaven, and no wan to dey deceive himself again, with Catholic people.


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