D person, wey be Foreign Minister, for, Russia,Maria Zakharova, don accuse U.S AAuthorities, sey, dem don give dem people, wey dey represent Russia, security threats,based on sey e dey affect d protection of Russian people for America, asU. S, don plan to use FBI, to search d house, where Russian people dey live.

She yan sey,

“Wetin U.S. A, dey ask,don create threat to security for Russian people”. 

“America, don plan to search d place,where, Russian people dey live, wey dey. San Francisco, September 2,and also, d department, wey Russian people dey work, and dey live, for d building, even as dem get immunity against dis things wey America dey do”. 

D USA,don tell Russia, make dem close d place, wey be dem consulate, and two others, wey dey for annex, Washington, and for New York, as dem dey retaliate, based on sey, Moscow don tell dem reduce USA staff, wey be diplomats, for dem country.

D USA State Department, don yan sey, dem make d decision, based on wetin dem call “In the Spirit Of Party”, as dem yan sey, dem go close down d place, on Saturday.

Zakharova, kom yan sey, FBI, don ask dem sey, make everyone comot for d place. 10-12hours,with dem family, even pikins.

“Wetin we dey tok, be invasion, for our place, and where we dey stay, as USA authority, don comot us, with our pikins, so dat dem go search, and make no body know wetin dem wan do”. 

“We dey protest for Washington, against wetin dem don do, over dis matta, as dem no respect International Law, as e dey for diplomatic practices. We get right to retaliate, but, no be wetin we want, and no be our choice, but, dem dey force to do am”. 

Friday, person, wey dey follow Russian presido, Yuri Ushakov, kom yan sey, dis thing dey illegal, as e be illegal takeover.

“We dey think, how we go reply dem”,                       na wetin him add. 

USA, reason, for dis matta, be sey, USA, don move, make Washington comply with wetin Kremlin dey demand for, to cut Russian staff members, for diplomatic mission, as dem go remove 755 persons, wey be Russian people.

Dis matta, don destroy d friendship, wey, USA and Russia get, since d time dem get cold war, and time, wen, Kremlin seize Crimea, from Ukraine.



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