STORY!           STORY!!                STORY!!!

As snake been carry 36million swallow for JAMB office, monkey come vex, do him plan, go Senate farmhouse go carry $70million comot still on top di Tori dey brag to do another one. 

Di matter be say, monkey don stop dey eat banana based on say, Tekno go dey tell women say, Banana go fall on dem, and Monkey vex say, OK, since Nigerian people wan dey use him food dey fall on top women, e go dey good make him join body with APC and Buhari, to carry Nigerian money go dey eat.

But as di matter dey, monkey come reveal for where dem been dey do party say, no be him dey use di money true true, but na people wey dey receive order from Mr presido dey send am to dey carry di money for 2019 elections so dat people go dey chook mouth only for di controversial matter and dem nogo chook eyes and mind for di real koko for di animal tactics for dia politics.

Snake and Monkey now follow for finance committee wey dey make sure say other animals wey get mind fit join, as dem already start dey recruit Dragon and rat for di job. Where dem dey target now na Central Bank Of Nigeria, as dem go go operation there for plenty money to comot.

As e dey like dis, wetin we wan talk be say make we forgot di laughter wey dey for dis matter dey face reality wey go make us dey focus for we country.


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