As SARS no get respect for human right now, e come make Nigeria police crack team, Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS) wey suppose dey fight crime dey face rejection now from plenty pipo for di country.

Wen SARS start new, dem bin get respect  based on how how dem bin dey take dey catch thiefs dat time.

But now, people dey shout now and dey say dem no want SARS again,dem come create #ENDSARS wey dem dey use dey do protest make dem end SARS ,based on say dem no want am again.

And for di mata, Amnesty International come talk say, true true, SARS no dey credible and dem no get respect for human right.

“SARS no get respect for human right and dem no dey account for di pipo wey dem arrest and dis make di institution no dey credible,” na wetin Auwal Ibrahim Musa of Transparency International talk.

Tori bin carry am say di way wey SARS dey operate don turn serious concern for many Nigerians. Dem dey beat and harass plus sometimes make pipo disappear forever.

Dia action dey question whether dis police officers get any respect for human right.


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