Primary school for Southern Korean, wey d name mean “shit”, don decide to get beta name wey dey good, as e go be Fragrant Monika.

D name wey Korea people d answer, be Chinese name, wey get Chinese attitude, and wen you kom put am for Hangul alphabet, dem go get same spelling, but plenty meaning.

D school officer, don yan sey :

“Weneva person mention, Daebyun Elementary school, wey dey for Busan, human shit go be d first thing wey go enter korean people mind”. 

“You kom from poop school? “

D person wey no wan mention him name, kom tok sey, na dis question be d first thing wey you go receive, as people d use am d yab students wey d school for d place, for 55yrs,wey d school don dey, as d tori yan am.

D school authority, don start d do campaign, wey dem wan use change dem name, as dem don get plenty people wey reach don pass 4000,wey go sign for d name, since April.

“We wan to get beta name, and we go do banners, wey we go put for school, roads, give students and dem parents”. 

D school wey don dey since 1963,wey get 77 students, get d name from One village wey d answer, Daebyun-ri, wey be short form for- Daedonggobyumpoo port, or, Warehouse.

SOURCE: PunchNewspaper



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