Some people get wickedness like destiny. Wetin go make person to carry pressing iron design small pikin based on small matter wey di two pikin get? 

Hmmm!  Make we tell una wetin hapun oo!

Di ma be say, dis pikin dey play with her pikin, and her pikin come get small wound for hand, and di woman wey adopt dis pikin cum carry pressing iron wey dey hurt, design di pikin hand.

Based on wetin Munachimso Ukachi Okorie talk, di boy wey di woman don take as her brother and house help, bin dey play with her madam pikin with iron as him dey iron him school uniform on Sunday, di woman vex, carry di iron design di pikin hand.

Instead di woman go give am punishment wey dey good for him offence, di woman ask am wetin give am di mind to burn her son like dat, cum carry di same iron burn am back.

Di tori carry am say, di woman husband talk say, if na him see am di time him use iron burn him pikin, him for get di one wey bad pass.

Make una read wetin Munachimso Ukachi post for Facebook:

Please I wan make people check on dis matta. Di boy wey dey left dey live with him big sister wey don marry, but di matta be say, she adopt am for her mama based on say she no give birth to a boy.


As di tori dey, on Sunday 22nd for October, di boy cum dey iron him school uniform and him sister son cum meet am, as dem dey play, him burn him sister pikin with iron. After him receive beating wey remain for di lady to kill am, she go put di iron for electric, carry am burn dis pikin like dis.

Even wen her husband return from where him go, him tell di pikin say, make him thank him God say, him no dey around. Him for do di worse to am”

Di guy cum talk say, please my people, we still get dis kind of bad mind for human beings? I think say dis kind thing no dey again. Instead una go treat di matta well, whether him know wetin him do or not, una get mind to react like dis to di pikin based on say him no get person.



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