Senate don plan to pass bill on. Top card reader so dat Nigeria go dey use am under law to dey do dia election, whether, State, Local Government or Federal election.

Di bill wey go start on Wednesday na for dem to correct things for Electoral Act, 2010, wey go make card reader election material.

Di notice paper we Punch carry last week talk say di bill title be ,, “A bill for Act to Amend di Electoral Act, 2010 to, among plenty things, make our electoral process dey more credible as we go make di card reader, dey credible for voter accreditation and voting and and efficiency for free, fair and credible elections; and for plenty matters wey follow for di election .”

Dis card reader don cause wahala syncope 2015 as dem use am.

People wey dey against di card reader talk say e no follow for dia electoral act.

Di house bin don pass dis kind bill for May, 2016 for second reading and talk say make dem chook mouth for di matta. .

Na All Progressives Congress for Gome State wey , Aisha Dukku be dia head conduct di bill , .

E no dey clear whether di house go do another election on top di bill.

Mr. Femi Gbajabiamila, bin tell house say, as Supreme Court no wan recognise card reader, e go dey good well well for dem to change di electoral act wey card reader go enter.

Him talk say di card reader dey make people no vote two times and dey do other good things for election.

As e be other members for di house also give dia own mind, like person wey be minority Leader, Nr, Leo Ogor tell house say e go dey good if Nigeria dey do electronic voting.

Dis man talk true say, dis card no dey good as dem use am for 2015 election. Him talk say, plenty people wey suppose vote no vote.

Him yan for di mata say, if card reader dey make people wey get right to vote no vote, e mean say Nigeria still dey back.

Dis man come give suggestion say, make We star dey use electronic voting machine based on say, e go make every vote from him house.


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