Information don land for our table wet talk say, One processor for Obafemi Awololo University don land for trouble as him dey force female students to dey do kerewa with am for marks.

As di mata come dey, di Vice Chancellor of di Obafemi Awolowo University, Prof. Eyitope Ogunbodede, don talk say, di institution fit involve police people make dem  investigate whether di telephone talk talk wey Prof. Richard Akindele and di student do dey true for di institution.

Di mata be say ,Professor Akindele tell one  female student make she come do kerewa with am, so dat him go helep her pass exams.

Di VC wey talk with journalists for Osogbo on Sunday talk say, di university fit involve police make dem find wetin hapun for di root di matter if di investigation committee get wahala for di mata.

Him talk say, “We get committee wey dey investigate di mata now and we give dem one week to submit dia report. If dem no fit doam, we go find our way wey we fit use get wetin we want. But if everything dey go well we no fit involve police.

“But we go know people wey dey involve and where dem dey; if we get problems to do DAT,den di University go call police.

“One week wey we give di committee go end onWednesday. We go dey tell una wetin dey hapun. We get relationship with  police, DSS and other people”


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