“Di record wey every Ogoni man get be say Shell na him dey buy di bullet give Army people , Shell na him dey bring di money, Shell na him dey bring di gun, and nothing Shell fit deny.”

Dis na how one prominent politician for Ogoni don react give News In Pidgin as him hear di latest report Amnesty International release for Nigeria on Tuesday.

Di human rights group bin claim for one new report say big oil company Shell Petroleum get hand inside di human rights abuse and kill-kill wey Nigeria military commit inside di oil-producing Ogoniland region in di 1990s.

Leyii Kwanee be di Ogoni politician wey use him eye see di Nigeria military operation for Ogoni. .

Kwanee say Amnesty International no dey lie: “All di thing wey bin make Shell angry be say Ogoni people no bin allow dem make dem take dia oil, so dem come follow federal government dat time under (General Sani) Abacha begin dey kill our people.”

FOR di years wey don pass, Shell don continue to insist say dem no get hand inside all dis crimes wey happen on top dia work for Ogoni.

And since wey Nigeria begin practice democracy for 1999 different governments dem don condemn wetin happen for Ogoniland.

But di one wey dey pain many Ogoni people na say dis military operation lead to di killing of nine Ogoni activists dem, including di writer Ken Saro-Wiwa.

Shell say dat time dem bin beg di Nigerian government make dem forgive and release di Ogoniland activists wey dem execute for

One person wey follow for people wey no dey happy be Legbosi Saro Pyagbara, di current President for di Movement for di Survival of di Ogoni People (MOSOP) wey dey lead di struggle pursue shell comot from Ogoniland for January 1993.

Pyagbara tell BBC Pidgin say: “as we just announce say we don start our struggle, dat 4 January 1993 we do meeting, do protest…as soon as we finish di protest around February (1993) Shell people meet… come say from dat time dem go dey monitor di activity wey Ken (Saro-Wiwa) and other people.”

As di tori still dey , Ogoni Environment Activist Celestine Akpobari say him bin dey attend di United Nations Environment Assembly on Tuesday when him hear di latest Amnesty report.

Akpobari own be say: “Ogoni people and federal government (Nigerian Government) bin no get any problem; na Shell go run go tell dem (di government) say dis gbege (our struggle) dey worry dia business.”

Di things wey dey amnesty report be,

Amnesty say after dem take eye check plenty pages for witness tori and even documents from big oil company Shell Petroleum, di oil company suppose face investigation on top dis matter.

Audrey Gaughran, di Director for Global Issues for Amnesty International say: “di evidence wey we don torchlight show say Shell continue to encourage di Nigerian military to deal with community protest, even wen dem know di serious palava wey all dis one dey lead to – kill-kill, rape, torture, and burning of villages dem.”

Shell deny everything even add say dat time dem bin beg Nigerian government to forgive di nine activist for Ogoniland wey di military finally kill for November 1995.
Nigeria bin dey under military rule dat time wey dis things bin happen and na General Sani Abacha bin dey lead di country.

Currently under President Muhamadu Buhari, di clean up of Ogoni land dey inside di 2018 spend-money plan (budget) of Nigeria government and dis na one of di demand dem wey di leaders for di ogoni struggle dey ask for since 1993.


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