Spain don ban Catalonia Independence, but di question be say, who give dem power to ban Catalonia Referendum and independence? 

Di Constitution Court for Spain don suspend di plan wey Catalonia lawmakers get to break away on Monday next week to form dia own country.

Catalan leader Carles Puigdemont don already talk say im go make dat kain declaration when di parliament go sit next week session.

Dis na after people for di region don vote say dem wan comot from Spain.

Di court say dat kain waka na wetin dem call “a breach of the constitution” meaning say dem Catalans don disobey law to dey plan dat kain tin.

Before now, Prime Minister Mariano Rajoy warn Catalonia regional government say make dem no declare independence after dem vote last Sunday, even di vote def, Spain no recognize am.

Di court give judgement on Thursday wey favour di Spain government for di case wey Socialists’ Party of Catalonia carry go court.

Di judgement say make dem Catalonia no try to break away to form any government.

Even before sef, Catalonia leaders ignore one court judgement before now to stop di Sunday vote.


Although di result for Sunday election never come out, people wey organize am say na like 2.2 million people for Catalonia na im vote and 90% vote yes say make dem get freedom to form dia own country.




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