Non academic staff unions wey dey State and Federal Universities go go on wetin dem call Indefinite strike on Monday, December 4, 2017, wey mean say, dem nogo give time wey dem go stop di strike again. Na based on say, dem wan use am protest on top di N23billion sharing formula wey Federal Government give dem to settle dia allowee.

Dem take di strike decision for di strong meeting wey dia Joint Action Committee (JAC) wey Senior Staff Association for Nigerian Universities (SSANU), Non Academic Staff Union (NASU) and National Association of Academic Technologists (NAAT) held in Abuja follow join get.

SSANU, NASU and NAAT members for plenty universities on destroy academic and administrative activities on top di sharing formula adopted wey Federal government give dem say na so dem go follow divide di money share give demselves for di money dem dey owe dem.

Di formula wey Federal Government give dem talk say , di non academic staffs get 11 per cent for di N23billion and 89 per cent for academic staff for universities.

For di letter wey dem follow write together come sign by SSANU, Samson Uwoke, NAAT, Sani Suleiman and NASU, Chris Ani,wey be dia ogas, tell dia members say dem go start di Indefinite strike from 12 midnight, Sunday December 3.

Dem call di letter: ‘’Directive for strike wey we go start on Monday.

Dem tell dia branch chairmen say dem wan every person to corporate.

JAC send letter give Minister for Education, and tell am say, dem no accept di kind share formula wey dem office for Permanent Secretary carry give dem and based on say dem done give government seven days wey dem go use explain, HOW and WHY dem bring dis formula, even wen dem no dey do mathematics.

JAC talk say, Federal Government no reply dem for di letter and say dem go strike now, and dem nogo go back at all oo.

Di talk talk person for SSANU, Mr. Abdussobur Salaam, talk say na every universities get di same wahala and di bad formula from Hellfire wey be National matter.

Him come add say ’The UI and OAU dey go forward and no dey hapun without informate, and no be all universities go react to injustice.


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