“Anytime wey person revive culture for dis our land and him no die, make una know say God no dey again. Go tell Udom say thunder go strike am if him no stop dat Ukapisua him dey revive, na Cletus Bassey talk am.

E never reach a week wey him support Udom for second tenure, dis person wey bin be State Chairman for Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), Archbishop Cletus Bassey don shake him head say as Udom dey revive cultural festival wey dem dey call “Ukapisua”, wey go start dis month, say e dey bad.

Dis festival be wetin dia State Ministry for Culture and Tourism dey organise and Udom come approve am and come praise di ministry wey Mr. Victor Antai be Oga as “di better ministry for 2017” as present budget to State House of Assembly last week.

But as dis pastor wey condemn wetin Udom dey do Dey preach for Church , wey be Destiny International Missions, Uyo on Sunday, Archbishop Bassey talk say, di cultural revival go bring back evil to dia land

“Any cultural revival wey any person dey do for dis our land go swallow am . If authority no wan stop dis devil, thunder go stop am . Evil nogo dey for Akwa Ibom State Streets again. Go tell dem say na me talk am, my name be Cletus Bassey. I be apostle for Jesus Christ and na me be prophet for dis land ”.

Dis pastor come talk again say,

“Dis evil spirit nogo revive for our land again. No body fit revive mammy water for Akwa Ibom State again based on say, Akwa Ibom dey worship Jesus Christ and we dey seal dis one. Anybody wey wan revive am, thunder go strike am and him go die “

Him come call on churches wey dey Akwa Ibom State and people wey dey worship God say, make dem follow am fight ffor di thing as Satan wan come back again.

Dis pastor talk say, Udom bin dey call for prayers and Christmas Carol but wetin dey make am wan mix dis two things?

Him regret say, as dem dey prepare for di Ukapisua festival, plenty Elders wey be kinsmen for Uruan don go back to worship and don invoke Atakpo spirit wey be di god for Uruan, and carry evil snakes full dia land.

Di Archbishop follow condemn di orange September as him talk say, di way girls bin dey dance dey push dia nyash back and plenty people bin dey naked for Street no make sense at all. Him talk say, “no be Akwa Ibom be dat, no person fit bring back evil again”

Dis pastor talk say, na him fight libation for public eevents and him get wahala with Army people wey dey follow government

Him talk say him go go radio go start campaign against dis matter say, him no dey fear again for him life based on say angels dey cover am.

Archbishop Bassey also talk say, him remember how him and other Pastors follow dey pray with Governor Victor Attah and plenty traditional rulers wey help dem get solutions for political  offshore/onshore matter and di 13 % oil derivation payment to Akwa Ibom State.

SOURCE: Nationalnewstrack.com


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