Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC),  don swear to shutdown di Lagos Airport and Plenty things for di state.

Dem talk dis one based on di national strike dem start today.

NLC Vice President, Amaechi Asugwuni, on Thursday, talk say, dem go waka round Lagos to shutdown everywhere.

“From here, we go go round Lagos make ensure say every institution dey shut down.”

“Today if airport get opportunity to open today, I dey sure say dem nogo open tomorrow.”

“Nobody  go enter dis country ”.

Dis NLC comment comot after Federal Government get meeting with NLC leaders.

Di meeting, as e dey,  end inside deadlock.

As e dey now, NLC don tell all dia union to dey do di strike immediately,  and dem talk say, dem no fit go back for di decision.

Dem talk say na based on say, Federal government fail dem for di minimum wage dem ask dem to increase for dem.

Dia minimum wage be N18000 now, but dem dey drag N50,000 and N65,000 minimum wage with FG .

NLC President, Ayuba Wabba, beat him chest say, him nogo also going back for di decision.


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