Vice Chancellor of Benue State University , Prof. Msugh Kembe, don talk say na students wey get carry over plan di protest wey make di management lockdown di school.

Him talk am say,

“Di protest wey happen be students wey get plenty carryover plan am well well, so dat dem go frustrate di academic activities as e happen on Friday . ”

Dis students lock everywhere wey person fit follow enter school and no allow lecturers and people to enter school based on say, di school no allow dem to pay school fees.

one student wey no talk him name say, dem no pay school fees based on say, dia parents wey dey work for state government never receive dia salaries.

But kembe wey talk say di protest dey strange talk say na Carry-Over students cause am.

Him talk say,

“Di students no get any reason to dey do protest based on say na dem cause dia wahala and dem come dey do protest so dat dem go still dey school based on school fees matter “.

Him talk say school fees no be di matter based on say, management no dey disturb dem for di school fees for examination hall .

“We give undertakings and tell dem say make dem sign,say after di exam dem go pay but plenty students no gree to sign. ”

“Some of dem talk say dia parents be civil servants we ask dem say make dem submit postdated cheque, but dem no want. ”

Di Vice chancellor talk say, for 25,000 students wey dey di school, na only 17,000 students registere, and 8,000 no   register or pay  fees.


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