Paris mayor office don plan to ban one new website wey big men dey use dey meet young girls wey dey make students for French dey prostitute.

One trailer wey carry di website link wey be don cause attention for social media and people don criticise and condemn di website on Wednesday after dem Park di motor for 5th District wey dey Paris wey be where Sorbonne University dey.

Dis people Park dia motor wey get tv, and dey use am dey tell students say,

“Hey students!” make una read di low-budget poster wey dem put for di car.

“Dis one na Romantic, passionate and e no get student loans,” Di thing wey dey show di tv wey dey for di car cum show one man picture wey dey young and no get wrinkles more dan di person wey never use di link, wey dey tell one girl something for ear.

After di picture talk say, make una go out with sugar mummy or sugar daddy today.

As people dey react to di picture wey don dey everywhere on Twitter, di person wey be Paris Mayor cum talk on Wednesday say, dem don plan to prosecute di site and dem go ban di site.

Di Mayor talk say,

“Dis advert dey open fopublic and plenty people dey watch am wey include small small pikins and dey thing no dey good at all as e dey make people dey do bad thing.

“For dis pictures, plenty people wey dey young go start dey do prostitution based on di pictures dem dey watch and I know say our authority go do something for di matta.

Di Norwegian- website don enter wahala wey resemble dis one last month for Brussels wen dia oga talk say dem go investigate and probe and arrest people wey dey post di sites.

Person wey get di site, Sigurd Vedal tell AFP say, wetin people dey talk say di site na for prostitution no dey good at all.

Vedal talk say,

“People no sabi wetin di site be. . “We dey like normal dating site but money be wetin we dey put our mind.



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