US prosecutors don launch probe wey dem go use charge di film star Sylvester Stallone wey get connection with sexual assault on Wednesday,na wetin di talk talk person yan.

“Dem present one case today for Santa Monica Police Department wey concern Sylvester Stallone,” Greg Risling,wey be talk talk person for di Los Angeles District Attorney’s office, tell  AFP.

“Di mata dey under review by our sex crime task force.”

Di case dey involve one woman wey report last November say di 71-year-old actor, wey dem know well for him roles for di movie him act, “Rocky” and “Rambo” movies, assault her in 1990.

Risling declined no one give any details concerning di California’s 10-year statute of limitations wey dem apply on top di case.

Police for Santa Monica and Stallone’s attorney, Martin Singer, no dey also to give comment.

Di allegation against di star come based on di #MeToo movement wey dey focuse attention on sexual harassment inside Hollywood and beyond.

Singer in December tell US media wen di allegation first comot and him client no accept di claim “categorically disputes di claim and na di woman submit di report tomake media people publish di tori”

Him accept say Stallone bin get relationship with di woman wen him go Israel to shoot movie in 1987 wen him dey single.

Di attorney talk am di time him plan to submit di claim against di woman for based on di false police report.

Di #MeToo campaign start last year based on di sexual assault allegations wey dem put on top Hollywood mogul Harvey Weinstein.

Plenty celebrities and powerful people, wey include actor Kevin Spacey and longtime broadcast journalist Charlie Rose, also follow for people dem accuse of sexual harassment for di Weinstein scandal.


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