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BIAFRA: Where Nnamdi Kanu Dey?

E don reach 3-months wey Nigerian Army Carry demselves go Nnamdi Kanu place, based on  independence of Biafra, for  Abia state. Since that time, nobody know where him dey… Di  Indigenous People of Biafra, IPOB, don swear and claim say, na soldiers carry am comot, when  Nigerian military go him …

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BREAKING TORI: IPOB No Follow For Di 145 New World Terrorists’ List

NA DIS BE NEW TERRORIST ORGANIZATIONS WEY WORLD ORDER RELEASE . 1.Al-Shabab (Africa),   2.Al Murabitun (Africa),   3.Al-Qeada (Afghanistan),   4.Al-Qaeda (Islamic Maghreb),   5.Al-Qaeda (Indian Subcontinent),   6.Al-Qaeda (Arabian Peninsula), 7.Hamas (Palestine),   8.Palestinian Islamic Jihad (Palestine),   9.Popular Front for the Liberation of (Palestine),   10.Hezbola (Lebanon), …

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