Based on wetin CBS News talk , di guy wey kill people wey reach 27 church members inside church for sutherland, TEXAS on Sunday be one 26-years old guy wey him name be Davin Patrick kelley.

New York Times talk say :

Dis guy wey be [Kelly] bin dey Air Force for dia base wey dey New Mexico but say, dem do am court-martialed in 2012 based on charges wey be say him dey assault him wife and child.

Ann Stefanek wey be Chief for Airforce Media Operation talk say,
“Dem sentence dis guy to 12 months confinement and him receive “bad conduct” and dem come release am in 2014. ”

CBS donBidentify Davin Patrick Kelley as di guy wey shoot for Southerland Springs Tx Baptist Church

Di Times also don report on di timeline wey di shooting hapun :

Sheriff Tackitt and other officials talk say di gun men first stop for gas station wey dey for di highway 87 near di church. Den, dis guy drive from di Street, reach di church, come comot from his car, enter di church and start dey shoot people. Him bin start dey shoot people wey dey outside, moving to him right hand for di church and dem, come enter di church. Na wetin di authority for di church talk.

Di authority talk say dem receive call by 11:20am wey concern one guy wey dey shoot for Church and di person wey see dis matta, talk say, Mr. Kelley prepare well well for di assault with black tactical gear, multiple rounds of ammunition and a ballistic vest…

Wen Mr. Kelley dey comot from di church, one guy wey get gun too, come fire bullet on Kelley and di bullet hit am, dem start dey exchange bullet and Kelley enter him car drive comot. Dis guy wey no gree, enter him own car, chase Kelley go county, Guadalupe County, where Mr. Kelley car come crash, and dem come see am say him don die inside him vehicle.

The Daily Beast report say:

Kelley dey live for New Braunfels, wey dey for San Antonio based on dia public records. [Him] marry and him mother In-law come write for P.O. box wey dey Sutherland Springs as him address wey him dey use dey receive messages.

San Antonio Police don go Kelley house on Sunday evening.

For di LinkedIn account wey kelley get, dey show say, him be U.S. Air Force member from2009 high-school graduation till 2013, after di time him teach for summer Bible school.

For him Facebook page, wey dem don delete already, Kelley post gun picture wey him write on top di picture say :”She be bad b****.”

AP don report say, di person wey shoot di church members be Devin Kelly. Devin dey 26-years am him be New Braunfels person and him bin be TX, Air Force membe.

As e be now, dem don delete him Facebook page.


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