Theresa May Don challenge Donald Trump as him recognise Jerusalem as di Israel Capital .

She follow for di prime ministers wey no agree with Donald Trump for him big controversial decision, and she talk am say na threat to decision.

Politucians don talk say, US President Don leave him work as peace broker come dey cause wahala with him decision.

Mr Trump don do good thing for Israel and God as him announce dis evening say dem don recognise di Jerusalem city city as Israel’s capital.

And him don talk am say dem don already plan to move US embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem city –

Di prime minister talk say she go challenge Mr Trump on top him decision for showdown call –

Mrs May no talk whether Trump Don warn am for him decision, but say she go talk to am ‘ about it.


  1. Bravo president trump, you’re John The Baptist 11 that will live and not die, and Christ to come and stay> Man Inhumanity To Man Is increasing day by day > African Leaders is loosing the track Hrs By Hrs, Thier Poeple are beging for food in foreign countries, they steal and loot thier own Wealth to hide abroad, can’t pay workers salary, pension, no wealfare, social security in abyss, they dug ground and hide stolen public money, for us government is a mere “abstract word” we need christ to come judge and send the offender to “hell” becuse they read and turn the scripture down word,,,make jerusalem ready to judge the offender, she is the seat of the living God


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