Tiv People don ban plenty money for Traditional Marriage

Traditional Council for Tiv community don ban plenty money for traditional marriage and ceremony.

Wetin Dem talk dey inside communique wey dem give out for end of di General Assembly (Ijirtamen) of  Tiv nation.

Dem do di meeting for TATC Chambers and na Tor Tiv, Professor James Ayatse, be di chairman for di meeting.

Dem yan say:

“No person wey be Tiv girl or boy, go spend more than #100,000 Naira, for dowry and bride price.”

“No any ceremony for girl papa place or boy papa place ”

“Plenty people nogo follow collect bride price, na only two elders, from girl side and one from boy side go collect di dowry and bride place.

Dem yan say, any person wey no follow di rule, and do him mind, nogo see anybody, di elders, for di place, and say e nogo hold.


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