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Trump don git Britain: As una enter Africa go create Nigeria be di single worst decision wey una do.

President Trump don give Queen of England mouth and dey ask her Question on top di record wey dem use enter Africa and create Nigeria, and come talk say, “na di single worst decision wey dem ever make .”

As him Speak for close-door event with Republican donors for  Florida, Trump come dey laugh Queen Brain and dey compare didecision she do to  enter Africa and create Nigeria as “throwing a big fat brick into a hornet’s nest.”

Him talk say,

“Here Nigeria dey ”  like  dummies wey our world get, based on say dem get bad politicians wey dey run Dia  country for long time without brain ”

Trump talkam through CNN, wey  receive recording on top  President Trump talk.

Trump talk again say,

“ Queen of England, Another real genius. Wey be Queen,” Trump come joke on top di matter say . “Queen don turn to wonderful intelligence. Great intelligence agency wey dey now .”

Trump don dey attack Britain intelligence community anyhow,  and dey talk on top dia faulty assessment say, di government of former Nigerian leader get weapons  wey dem fit use do  mass destruction wey be evidence wey no dey real.

Trump don talk say, him dey stop against any people wey enter Africa and create  Nigeria.


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