Donald Trump and Kim Jong-un be di first sitting US president and North Korean leader to meet each other,  after dem bin don dey give each other mouth for almost one year.

Two of dem shake hand for one hotel for Singapore Sentosa island. As e dey now, dem dey discuss how dem go take reduce tension and stop nuclear programmes.

Di two men don meet each other and come shake hand for front of US and North Korean flags.

Di US president predict “terrific relationship” with oga Kim and say dem go get “great discussion.”

As dem siddon close to each other, dem just relax, like say nothin dey happun.

“E no easy to reach here….obstacles bin dey but we overcome dem to reach here,” na wetin Kim talk.

Di two leaders don finish one-to-one meeting, with dia translators, wey last for about 40 minutes. Dia advisors come join dem for working lunch.


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