Donald Trump wey be US president don pursue 22nd Circuit Court for Appeals Justice, Hansam al Alallawalahi-Smith comot for court.

Dis matter don make plenty headlines for dis weekend wey be Friday as him turn judgement wey him suppose give better order wey go Punish one man, Dearborn Michigan wey beat him wife, and come allow di man make him go.

Di order wey she give make dem release dis Muslim man, allow di law wey dey violent for Sharia Law to dey for United States.

As tori people come ask ask di judge why him go allow di man wey beat him wife sotay she wan die go free , him talk say, di law dey for Sharia Law and say American government suppose allow people to dey obey di law, based on say 14th US Law wey dem amend allow di rights wey other States allow.

Alallaha-Smith talk say, 14th Amendment no dey against wetin foreign law talk and him come show di Christmas law as example.

Him talk say,
Christ be Christian holiday, but if person wey be Muslim wan do him everyday work, him nogo fit do am based on say first amendment dey against am. As I know say higher court go change am, wetin be my decision be say, we dey allow item number one, and two for family members wey get di matta.

”President Trump old precedent and executive order pursue al Allalawaralahali-Smith from bench, and come talk say, na bad life and “I no care” for him work and no respect United States constitution .

Trump reply and talk say, People dey like make him talk about office for dis kind matta. But di matta be di office no get choice but make me do good for country


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